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Artist Hank Bufkin 

"If you can imagine it, we can create it"

Bufkin Air Designs & Fine Art Creations, LLC.




The new technique Henry Bufkin uses for his art creations is far and beyond anything you have ever seen....these are not just paintings...they are living, breathing, moving creations! I am the proud owner of Beaches....A Bufkin original...everyone who sees it is completely awed by the beauty and everchanging personality of this must be seen to be believed.....

Sandra Devonshire

I met Hank through the one & only Mike Tillman (Those who know, KNOW!). After seeing his work I was amazed!!! The amount of detail that go ito every piece make them such a unique piece of art. I currently have 3 of Hank's pieces at the restaurant and hope to have many more as time passes. I urge you to see this art in person the way the light shines and makes the image dance is outstanding. Another thing to note is how friendly and approachable this family is. They are truly the type of people that will give you the shirt off of their back, which goes a long way in my book. Thank you Hank & family for the awesome pieces, for being a part of The Hungry Owl family & letting me be a part of yours!!!!

Chef Tony

Owner of The Hungry Owl

I just wanted to tell the Bufkin family how greatful I am for the picture on my 1970 Cuda. I have seen Hank's work on FB and have spoke with him several times about all he can do, but to see MY CAR done like he has done, just blew me away. Hank has a fabulous gift and as a friend, I will help spread the word of his gift any way I can to help. Thank ya'll so much for my wonderful picture and I look forward to seeing more come from ya'll. God Bless. Your Friend, Fred

Fred Minke

Eastern Shore Cruisers

I have followed Hank and his "CREATIONS" for 13 years. Early in our friendship, I asked Hank to paint a mural on the tailgate of my truck. I simply told him that I wanted a US Navy Ship in a beach setting. Hank's imagination and unique talent took over and the piece I received was beyond description. With seagulls, small fishing boats, an American flag and a Navy Destroyer, Hank put it all together in a beach scene that garnered so much attention from passersby that I almost considered removing it. Hanks talent and imagination are unparalleled and all of his creations are one of a kind.

Robbie May


All of us know that this work was renamed "The Chief" by the Wilson family. Dick was often called "chief" by his only son, Richard, and this work depicts his father riding with the Great Spirit...that is Ricks's personal take on this work. There are actually stars that twinkle when you have the painting in different lights....this is a very emotion filled painting and tells the story of a great man who was betrayed by false friends but kept on riding. God Bless Hank for his talent!

Sandra Devonshire

I now own the "Beach" Bufkin original. This work is truly a mystifying study of the movement and soul of the sea. Each time the light changes around the work, the water changes color, you see birds you could not see before, you see movement in the clouds, and changes in the sand. This is a work of art that comes from deep within the soul of the creator...Henry Bufkin. And I am delighted to be able to gaze at it every day and know there will never be another like it!

Sandra Devonshire

Hello all! I was introduced to Hank by a co-worker. and I wanted to get a custom pain job on my helmet. My idea at first was simple... then it grew to have a Operator (solider/SWAT Officer) on the back of the helmet. Hank had seen a picture of a Knights Templer on my Facebook page and asked if he could add that. To say I was not sure what he was going to do with it was a bit of an understatement, however I had seen some of his other work and I was never worried. When I saw the stage pictures I was say the least... blown away.. I could have never imagined what he did... The pictures really do not do the art work justice. When I got my helmet I was worse than a kid at Christmas.. I really have no words to describe the detail and the overall job that Hank did.I would ..without hesitation recommend anyone to Hank and his great wife Sue to have artwork done.. he is beyond your imagination... I will make one suggestion... give Hank the idea and let him run with it..

Chris Carter

Templer/Operator Helmet

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