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Artist Hank Bufkin 

"If you can imagine it, we can create it"

Bufkin Air Designs & Fine Art Creations, LLC.




Double Trouble - featuring Contender Boats Double Trouble - featuring Contender Boats Double Trouble (3'x 4') Stunning details are in every square inch of this piece. The action both above and below the surface are amazing. The water with the sunrays reaching down reveal three other sails still feeding on a huge bait ball. 174604712 Double Trouble (3' x 4') 174604713 Double Trouble (3' x 4') 174604714 Double Trouble (3' x 4') 174604715 Double Trouble (3' x 4') 174604716 Double Trouble (3' x 4') Different lighting gives many different details 174604717 Double Trouble (3' x 4') Close up of two of the three sails and the baitball below the surface. This one shows the incredible details of the water. 174604718