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Artist Hank Bufkin 

"If you can imagine it, we can create it"

Bufkin Air Designs & Fine Art Creations, LLC.




"The Guardian" Dedication Ceremomy @ USA August 17, 2012 "The Guardian" Dedication Ceremomy @ USA August 17, 2012 Brochure for dedication ceremony of "The Guardian" 163967493 Hank & Susan Bufkin - creators of "The Guardian" at the permanent display of this beautiful piece. 163967494 Beautiful picture of this stunning creation. 163967502 "The Guardian" 154168347 "The Guardian" Every angle and light source bring out different details. 154168343 "The Guardian" The greens of the lush jungle vegitation deepens as the light fades. 154168344 "The Guardian" Scroll through and look closely at each picture. You will see details appear and disappear as you view each picture. 154168345 "The Guardian" 154168346 "The Guardian" 154168348 "The Guardian" 154168349 "The Guardian" Every detail is simply beautiful. 154168350 "The Guardian" In this light you see the the jungle in a full sunlight setting. 154168351 163967503 Hank during the presentation. 163967495 163967497 163967498 163967499 Guests Robbie, Angie & Jessie 163967500 163967501 Guests at the dedication ceremony 163967504 Guests at the dedication ceremony Charles & Barbara Turner 163967505 163967506 163967607 Hank & Rick Catha 163967608 163967610 163967612 163967613 163967614 Dean Richard Wood with The Guardian 163967615